Jaw Crusher for Sale! You see it, but what should you consider when buying a crusher?

Jaw Crushers are for sale everywhere. How do you know you are making the right choice for your business? What do you take into consideration when buying a crusher? Bob explains what makes the Rebel Crusher the right choice when it comes to choosing a crusher. Whether jaw or impact, see what the Rebel Crusher can do for you!

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Welcome back to Rebel Crusher. I’m Bob and today we’re going to be answering another question. 


We’ve got an email from Janet in Wisconsin and Janet wants to know what are some of the most important things I should consider when trying to choose a crusher?


Okay, Janet. So, it’s a great question, it’s a broad question so it’s a little bit more difficult to answer that. But what I would focus on Janet would be what exactly are your needs, right? I mean what exactly do you want to do? You know so depending on your particular operation, I don’t know any of your background but let’s just say your you’re handling a bunch of concrete for example, the question would be how much? And you want to make sure that you get a machine that can handle what you currently have and possibly you know the foreseeable future because you want to be able to get a machine that kind of grows as your business grows.


So, you don’t want something too small and you don’t want something too large, expensive; I mean it’s all about making the right investment for your business and a little bit into the future to make sure you’re making money every day, every week, every month. So, when you’re looking at you know what crusher I’d be more focus on what crusher is going to generate income, save you money. So, there’s so many factors to consider. I’d look at hey material quality probably number one. Make sure that whatever you’re looking at makes the product you want. Looking at the Rebel we can make any product you want and you can change it at will. So, the ability to make three quarter one hour and make you know clean half inch another hour that is really a huge benefit at the versatility of something like the Rebel where the crusher and the screening system are all on board, I just think that that’s probably going to be my number one criterion for you know moving forward on any kind of crusher decision. 


So, in general we do want to look further into what your particular needs are but you want to think about what’s going to make and save you money? What products do you need to make? Are you in a hurry? I mean do you need 150 tons per hour? Are you okay with 100 tons per hour? And you know and then just base your decision on that. Hope it answers your question. Hey, call us and we’ll get into it more detail, okay? Thanks Janet. Take care. 

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