What Our Clients are Saying

What Clients Are Saying

Hello Sarah,

I wanted to thank you for the hospitality you and the rest of the gang showed while I was at your facility, I enjoyed very much working with Bob and the willingness and cooperation he put forward to crush the sample rock we shipped to you.

I have been involved in the mining and aggregate industry most of my life, I am very familiar with the claims most manufacturers make about how their equipment will outperform the others hands-down. Most of the time it is still just a mouse trap. I was amazingly surprised with the amount of dynamite R & R was able to put in such a small package. It takes a lot to impress me anymore, but this little giant was amazing. From the sheer compactness and the workability, the ease of screen change out makes this unit a money maker hands down. We ran some of the material but it was not quite correct to the spec I needed. In just a little over 22 minutes screens were changed and a slight adjustment was made to the HSI and we were running again with spec product flowing. Yes, I was timing it, sorry it’s just something I do. I would not hesitate to make a recommendation on this unit.

David G.

Buckeye, AZ


R.R. Equipment Co,

After a couple of weeks of going through, cleaning and servicing a couple of things, re-installing some conveyors the former owner removed, and replacing some belts given to us by them we couldn’t stand it any longer and had to put 3-4 loader backhoes buckets of our recycled concrete into the hopper of our Rebel Crusher.  We are so pleased with your product.  It has excited us with the 4 separate products it produced today.  Thank you to your team for producing this product and we look forward to our continued relationship with R.R. Equipment Sales.


Thank you again,

Ron P.

Sumner, Washington

Dave Hutchens: I have used, worked on and hauled your guys’ stackers before. Quality product from a local company.


Sold our 2014 Rebel crusher at the Orlando Ritchie auction yesterday… without the stackers. We enjoyed using it and felt it did a good job holding its value.

Howard Murrell
Quality Enterprises (Naples, FL)



Thanks to you and your team for inventing the Rebel Crusher.  When I came to the demo I was impressed.  But having the time to go over the Rebel we purchased, it just keeps impressing me on how well thought out the design is compared to all the other compact crushers that I’ve owned.  You really did think of everything.  Very happy to join the Rebel family!

Thanks again!

Christian A.


(Revisited 7/15/18)

“I attached a video of one of our Rebel Crushers in action in case you wanted to share it (Uploaded to our YouTube Page As “Actual Customer Setup – F.G. Angelo & Sons” ).  This weekend was my first opportunity to operate the Rebel for an extended amount of time and it impressed me again how everything just works so well with no issues.  I have never had such a flawless and continuous operation crushing without having to stop to clear a jam or adjust something on previous crushers.  This Rebel was set up with 1”- 1  1/4” closed side setting and 3/4” top deck and 3/8” bottom deck in the screener with a blank in the grizzly.  Made some beautiful products!”


This was an awesome experience for us. Your entire crew (office to shop) are fantastic! Thank you!

David B.


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