Crushing and Screening Plant. Making More than one Aggregate Product.

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Hey guys. Welcome back to Rebel Crusher. I’m Bob and today we’re going to be answering a question from…. looks like Joe from Massachusetts and Joe’s question is what is the benefit of being able to make three or four different sized products? 


So, Joe that’s a great question and in general the benefit to that would be that you’re able to basically produce a product for any market, any guy that wants you to make something specific, right.? So, some people just want you to make base material. In other words, you’re making little pieces out of big pieces and that might be fine. But let’s just say that you have a job or someone wants you to make three quarter inches at the same time, they want you to make some 2-inch or 3-inch rocks, half inch minus and they want you to make that all at the same time. Well each one of those products would have a different value. So being able to make three or four different products whether it’s at the same time or separately is a huge benefit to you because now you’re able to get more money per size, per product and also, you’re able to make a product that is in demand. So, that is critical because let’s just say in Massachusetts the most popular product is clean three quarter, what if the machine doesn’t do that? Like what do you do then? I mean at the end of the day some of these real small machines or big machines that are out in the market don’t make the product. I mean we see some of these smaller machines that are coming into the market from China or Europe and they’re cute. If you don’t have a screening system on board then how do you actually make the different sizes that you or your customer you know want to be able to make? It is critical that you’re able to make these different sized products and the Rebel Crusher allows you to do that and it’s all on board. So, that screening system on the Rebel is being operated off the same diesel that runs the crusher and so you’ve got your own quarry on track; you’re able to make three or four different products all at the same time, you can then change the size of the screens, possibly change the crusher setting in order to make these different products and it’s simple to do, it’s easy, it’s a one or two guy operation depending on who’s there and you know to make those products that they again are in demand. That’s what you want to focus on and that’s what the Rebel is there for you. 


So, when you get a chance shoot us another e-mail, call in and we’ll be happy to look at the whole picture of your company, what you want to do but hope that answers your question. Thank you very much. 

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