Carolina Cat Demonstration

On May 10, 2016, Carolina CAT in Charlotte, NC held a demonstration for the Rebel Crusher. You can check out the article by clicking on the link below.

RR Equip Carolina Cat SE 11 2016 Rebel Crusher

We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as everyone else did!


Carolina CAT held a Rebel Crusher product demonstration event on May 10. Approximately 60 people from 25 area contractors attended the event.

The Rebel Crusher is able to produce a finished product. The machine has the ability to make up to four screened products at the same time. Rebel’s crushed material can be used in place of quarry crushed stone. Uses also include pipe bedding, driveway bibs, home garages, decorative stone and landscaping applications.

A large feed opening reduces material preparation time. The Rebel Crusher produces high quality products without excessive fines.

The Rebel Crusher has the ability to swap from a jaw crusher to an impact crusher or vice versa in a matter of hours. Pre-screen and finish screen ensures quality products are produced.

The Rebel Crusher can tackle many applications. It has the ability to pre-screen, crush and separate crushed material into four separate stock piles while removing rebar, wire and steel at the same time. The Rebel Crusher can track and crush without stopping. The Rebel can crush and screen asphalt, concrete with or without wire and rebar, brick, block, most rock, sand, clay, glass and more. The Rebel can track into the middle of a city and is inconspicuous. The unique discharge conveyor heights are deliberately lower to minimize dust production. The fuel efficient diesel engine is quiet and is able to power up to three additional conveyors.

Variable speed, low feed height, heavy duty feeder, features “mine duty” impact idlers with 4140 oversize steel shafts specifically designed to handle being continuously fed large chunks of material. When dumping, the feeder absorbs the shock load, producing very little dust and reduced noise. Having the feeder on an angle allows the loader operator to see what is in the Feeder/Hopper. No need to build a ramp or have a huge machine to feed the Rebel.

New Rebel Crusher Videos

Some great videos of the Rebel at customers’  sites.  Just click on the picture to see the video!


Rebel Crusher

Rebel Crusher, Early to Rise


Rebel Crusher

Making DOT Spec for this Client


The Rebel Crusher Meet California DOT SPEC!

We are thrilled with the results of one of our client’s recent sieve analysis reports for California DOT Spec..  Not only did they pass 100% of 1″ minus, they also hit the gradation in each range.  Why not see what the Rebel Crusher can do for you!?!

Rebel Crusher, DOT, California

California DOT Spec

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