Pitbull 2300

The Pitbull 2300 portable soil screener is designed and built to be the toughest, most reliable dirt screen in America. With heavy-duty components, dependable hydraulics, reliable engines, complete portability, and signature soil screener, the Pitbull 2300, can’t be beaten.


Pitbull 2300P

Propane-powered screener as a clean and cost-effective alternative to diesel power. The new Pitbull 2300 Propane Screening Plant is one of the first of its kind delivering maximum efficiency and high outputs with a wide range of materials, including topsoil, mulch, gravel, stone, and asphalt.


Pitbull 2300B

You asked for a quality Heavy Duty Screening machine made more affordable! HERE IT IS! Heavy Duty, Portable, Economical, Productive Screening Machine. Reversible deck rotation, fully hydraulic tongue jack and transport axle for fast easy setup and tear down. No tools required.


The Pitbull PB148 Static Grizzly

Pitbull Grizzly, a quality, easy to use, Heavy Duty Static Grizzly. Built to last.

Check these features:

  • Built with Pitbull’s rugged, tubular frame construction.
  • 10’ tip height. Compatible with any material handler capable of 10’ dump height.
  • Comes standard from the factory with 18 bars set to 4” minus spacing.
  • Easy to transport & position using standard “D” ring lift lugs.
  • Quick easy bar removal utilizing 2 bolts per bar, swap bars in minutes. Additional bars available for a smaller opening if required.
  • Bars are 3” square steel tubes with full 3/8” wall thickness.
  • 1” spacing on bar placement holes. 3/4” square head bolts secure bars, one at each end. Bolts pass completely thru bar & support.
  • The structure built to last. Operating weight is 6,487 pounds.
  • A large access opening under screen deck for easy material removal.
  • Expansive deck area. Measures 132” deep,168” long and 120” high.
  • Economical to own and virtually no maintenance.


Click Here for the Brochure

Click Here for the Brochure

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