PITBULL® Conveyors


Pitbull Conveyors

Quality Heavy Duty Conveyors made to move material quickly and reliably PITBULL products. Designed to work, Built to last. Check out these features:

» Rugged compact material movers.
» Standard drive hydraulic torque motors.
» Strong channel frame w/ Pitbull torque tube reinforcement.
» 4” CEMA “B” rated rollers. Adjustable stack height.
» Robust head and tail pulleys
» Heavy duty greaseable pillow block bearings.
» Standard 20′ length 30″ wide smooth belt (Chevron optional).
» Designed to work with Pitbull 2300 screening plant as a system for multi-product production.
» May be used as a stand-alone product driven by customers’ power source.
» Optional gas or diesel self-contained power units available.
» Custom sizes available. Quotation provided upon request.
» Economical to own and easy to maintain.
» Optional electric head pulley.

3-Way Split

Manual Radial Stacker


Stationary Ground Conveyor

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