Not All Jaw Crushers are Created Equal!

NOT ALL JAW CRUSHERS are created EQUAL! Older traditional jaw crushers are normally used as primary crushers. They take in large chunks of material and reduce the material at an approximate 5 to 1 ratio. In other words, a 30″ input rock may be crushed down to 6″. Of course, the machine will produce material that is smaller but the jaw is known for knocking down big pieces so a secondary crusher can break them down further. A secondary crusher like a cone or impact crusher may take in the material that is around 6″ and reduce it to approximately 1″ minus. You’ll notice the reduction ratio is around 5 or 6 to 1. This is the quarry industry standard. The idea is that each machine does a little bit of work. This concept increases production and decreases wear on each machine. The downside is the HUGE capital investment in machinery. Rock quarries with thousands or millions of tons of material will justify large expensive systems. Many rock quarries have 10 plus years’ worth of reserves. It can all be broken down into the math of making the proper investment in machinery based on the needs of the business and customer demands.
Having said this, businesses that want to process material but are not opening a quarry are looking for an affordable solution. In addition, they’d prefer one machine that can DO IT ALL! Thus the reason the REBEL CRUSHER JAW was developed. Admittedly, it is not perfect. However, the REBEL Jaw has a huge feed opening and is capable of producing a product that looks like it went through multiple crushers. In other words, the REBEL CRUSHER JAW can take in huge chunks (approx 2 feet) and reduce them to approx. 1″ minus; all with one simple machine. Combine that with the REBEL’S MOBILITY, VERSATILITY, AND PRICE, and you have a machine that is easy to justify. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs via phone, text, or email. Please contact us to discuss and be sure the REBEL CRUSHER JAW is right for you.

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