• 72” x approx 120’ Picking station style conveyor complete with guards. Overall width is apprx. 19’ wide.
• UNIQUE debris removal system on both sides allows material to be dragged off picking station with ease.
• Curved crown 1/2” Rubber Lagged Head pulley with heavy duty pillow block bearings.
• Self Cleaning winged tail pulley with heavy duty pillow block bearings.
• Heavy Duty Adjustable Belt tensioners near tail section.
• 72” wide 2 ply 3/16” x 1/16 Rubber Conveyor belt w/ Flexco 140 C Belt splice kit.
• SUPER DUTY CEMA “D” 6” dia. 20 degree Troughing idlers. (6) Idlers positioned on apprx. 1’ centers at load point. (7) idlers positioned on apprx. 4’ centers on angled part of conveyor.
• SUPER DUTY CEMA “E” 6” dia. FLAT CARRIER idlers. (18) idlers positioned on apprx. 6’ centers on flat section of conveyor.
• Urethane Panels bolted in between flat carrier idlers to support load and minimize friction.
• HEAVY DUTY “LOW RPM” 15 HP TEFC 230/460 V 3 phase, 60 HZ electric motor w/adjustable motor base.
• HEAVY DUTY Shaft mounted Gear Reducer with adjustable torque arm and proper size belt drive pulley, V-belt drive, safety guard.
• Two(2) Patented Cable Operated emergency safety stop switches for motor with all hardware, one each side. Cables hung on eyes bolted through uprights for hand rails.
• Twelve (12) discharge material bins in total. Six(6) bins on each side.
• Extra wide Diamond plate catwalks on either side of picking station.
• Catwalks on either side of picking station include handrails, toe kicks and stairs to ground level on both sides.
• Heavy duty steel channel frame design.
• Steel receiving hopper with adjustable skirt board rubber near tail section.
• Guarded and semi-enclosed tail section protects tail from falling debris.
• Steel support legs near tail section to ground level. The main part of the station should be supported by customer supplied concrete block walls and/or steel.
• Belt scraper.
• Electric Control panel.
• Variable Speed.
• Complete steel support legs to allow unit to be self supported.

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