Jaw and Impact Crusher Maintenance

Here is the video transcript from our Rebel Crusher Q&A Series video,

Maintaining a Crusher. Jaw Crusher Maintenance, Impact Crusher Maintenance. What is it like?

You can see that video here: https://youtu.be/w8EgdNfIl6o

Hey welcome back to Rebel crusher Bob. And we’re going to be answering some of your questions regarding recycling material concrete asshole crushing screening and so forth. And today we have a question from looks like Scott in Arizona and Scott’s question is. I’ve heard that crushers are high maintenance. And what do the where parts costs and how often do they need to be replaced. So it’s a unique question Scott. I appreciate that. I would say that in general. Yeah. There’s definitely some maintenance involved with crushing. Typically we’re looking at the where parts or the actual parts of the crusher that are impacted by the material. So if it’s an impact crusher it would be the blow bars. If it’s a jaw crusher it’s the jaw dies or jaw plates. And most of the crushers that are out in the market you can flip the parts and double the life out of them. So you know it is something that’s built in it’s kind of like rotating your tires. But in general most people that are crushing are making so much money that the costs of where parts is basically negligible. You know it’s not something that they’re focused on although it’s a great question. I would say it can be very expensive if your material has a significant amount of abrasive qualities in it maybe has a lot of steel in it. And we want to look at that. So we definitely want you to call us and we can discuss your particular needs. But overall I would say that if I’m just looking at it typically our rebel crusher jaw would have less wear in general because it’s a jaw crusher they typically wear less. So you get more life out of the wear parts and let’s say an impactor which is more of a high maintenance higher wear product but again it would be your particular needs we want to see what you’re doing. We need to make sure we’re providing you with the right solution and then we need to make sure that the where parts don’t eat you out of house and home. So it’s a great question. But overall you can imagine if you’re making let’s say five hundred one thousand dollars an hour where the crusher let’s say the rebel OK and you’re where parts are maybe you know I don’t know twenty five cents a ton or whatever we can we can run the numbers for you. It’s not going to be a big concern for you. Still a great question and give us a call so we can go over it more detail and just answer it accurately. OK. Thanks Scott. Have a good day.

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