Crushing and Screening Plant. Making More than one Aggregate Product.

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Hey guys. Welcome back to Rebel Crusher. I’m Bob and today we’re going to be answering a question from…. looks like Joe from Massachusetts and Joe’s question is what is the benefit of being able to make three or four different sized products? 


So, Joe that’s a great question and in general the benefit to that would be that you’re able to basically produce a product for any market, any guy that wants you to make something specific, right.? So, some people just want you to make base material. In other words, you’re making little pieces out of big pieces and that might be fine. But let’s just say that you have a job or someone wants you to make three quarter inches at the same time, they want you to make some 2-inch or 3-inch rocks, half inch minus and they want you to make that all at the same time. Well each one of those products would have a different value. So being able to make three or four different products whether it’s at the same time or separately is a huge benefit to you because now you’re able to get more money per size, per product and also, you’re able to make a product that is in demand. So, that is critical because let’s just say in Massachusetts the most popular product is clean three quarter, what if the machine doesn’t do that? Like what do you do then? I mean at the end of the day some of these real small machines or big machines that are out in the market don’t make the product. I mean we see some of these smaller machines that are coming into the market from China or Europe and they’re cute. If you don’t have a screening system on board then how do you actually make the different sizes that you or your customer you know want to be able to make? It is critical that you’re able to make these different sized products and the Rebel Crusher allows you to do that and it’s all on board. So, that screening system on the Rebel is being operated off the same diesel that runs the crusher and so you’ve got your own quarry on track; you’re able to make three or four different products all at the same time, you can then change the size of the screens, possibly change the crusher setting in order to make these different products and it’s simple to do, it’s easy, it’s a one or two guy operation depending on who’s there and you know to make those products that they again are in demand. That’s what you want to focus on and that’s what the Rebel is there for you. 


So, when you get a chance shoot us another e-mail, call in and we’ll be happy to look at the whole picture of your company, what you want to do but hope that answers your question. Thank you very much. 

Jaw Crusher for Sale! You see it, but what should you consider when buying a crusher?

Jaw Crushers are for sale everywhere. How do you know you are making the right choice for your business? What do you take into consideration when buying a crusher? Bob explains what makes the Rebel Crusher the right choice when it comes to choosing a crusher. Whether jaw or impact, see what the Rebel Crusher can do for you!

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Welcome back to Rebel Crusher. I’m Bob and today we’re going to be answering another question. 


We’ve got an email from Janet in Wisconsin and Janet wants to know what are some of the most important things I should consider when trying to choose a crusher?


Okay, Janet. So, it’s a great question, it’s a broad question so it’s a little bit more difficult to answer that. But what I would focus on Janet would be what exactly are your needs, right? I mean what exactly do you want to do? You know so depending on your particular operation, I don’t know any of your background but let’s just say your you’re handling a bunch of concrete for example, the question would be how much? And you want to make sure that you get a machine that can handle what you currently have and possibly you know the foreseeable future because you want to be able to get a machine that kind of grows as your business grows.


So, you don’t want something too small and you don’t want something too large, expensive; I mean it’s all about making the right investment for your business and a little bit into the future to make sure you’re making money every day, every week, every month. So, when you’re looking at you know what crusher I’d be more focus on what crusher is going to generate income, save you money. So, there’s so many factors to consider. I’d look at hey material quality probably number one. Make sure that whatever you’re looking at makes the product you want. Looking at the Rebel we can make any product you want and you can change it at will. So, the ability to make three quarter one hour and make you know clean half inch another hour that is really a huge benefit at the versatility of something like the Rebel where the crusher and the screening system are all on board, I just think that that’s probably going to be my number one criterion for you know moving forward on any kind of crusher decision. 


So, in general we do want to look further into what your particular needs are but you want to think about what’s going to make and save you money? What products do you need to make? Are you in a hurry? I mean do you need 150 tons per hour? Are you okay with 100 tons per hour? And you know and then just base your decision on that. Hope it answers your question. Hey, call us and we’ll get into it more detail, okay? Thanks Janet. Take care. 

What is the Difference Between a Jaw Crusher and an Impact Crusher?

What is the difference between a jaw crusher and an impact crusher? Do you know the difference? Bob with Rebel Crusher explains this and more!

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Welcome back to Rebel Crusher and today we’re going to be answering a question from Justin. It doesn’t say where Justin is from but this particular question looks like it really doesn’t matter where he’s from. 


So, what is the difference between a jaw crusher and an impact crusher and why would I use one over the other? 


So, Justin we hear that question all the time. You know people are you know they hear one thing over another and in general it has to do with what material you want to produce and what you’re actually crushing. So, with let’s say an impact crusher for example we typically use that to pulverize make very, very small product that you can imagine an impactor is in the name, right? It impacts the material, it explodes it. So, we’re not putting granite in an impactor, we typically don’t like to put steel in them. More than likely we would use an impactor in softer material, application possibly asphalt where we’re looking to grind up asphalt really, really small. Otherwise in most other applications where we’re crushing concrete with rebar, rock, sand and gravel, most asphalt you know bricks, block anything like that the Jaw Crusher is just so much easier to operate. Less dust, less maintenance, the wear parts are less expensive, you’re changing them less frequently. So, in general the impactor is something we use only for a specific application. We’re grinding up gold, we want to make a bunch of powder, we’d use an impactor and we might even use a jaw ahead of it so the jaw would take the brunt of it and then feed it into an impactor. But just vice versa you know looking at the differences the rule of thumb in general is if you can crush with a jaw don’t use an impactor. So, we’re only really bringing that impactor into the equation when we absolutely have to. And I’m sure I’m going to get some heat from that. People will say oh that’s not true we can use our impactor for this and that, yeah, well possibly you’re right but at the end of the day almost any expert would say if you can use a jaw and it makes the product you want, use the jaw. Slower speed, kind of slow and steady, it wins the race kind of thing, jaw is running around 250 rpm, they’re squeezing the material together and letting it go down whereas the impactor is exploding the material, runs around 1000rpm. So, just use your common sense; which one would you rather run? Which one would you rather have if by accident your guys threw a manhole cover or an anvil or let’s say a fire hydrant and by the way we’ve had tons of clients that have sent us e-mails hey my rebel crusher just ate a toilet bowl, a transmission by accident and it’s still kept going. So again, the jaw we have both, Rebel has an impactor and a jaw, so I’m not pro one or the other, I’m more interested in the product you want to make. 


So, hope that answers your question, feel free to give us a call we’ll go into more detail. So, thank you very much. 


Jaw Crusher Production Capacity, Jaw Crusher Production Rates. Why are these important?

What is the jaw crusher production rate important? Bob with Rebel Crusher tackles this important question and more in our new video series. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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Jaw Crusher Feed Size. Jaw Crusher Size and Capacity. Why They are Important.

How Big of a Concern is the Feed Opening and/or the Engine Horsepower of a Crusher? Bob with Rebel Crusher answers this question for you!



Hey guys. This is Bob at Rebel Crusher. Today we’re gonna be taking some questions. We’ve got people that have been e-mailing us and we want to answer your questions and some of you had some really great questions. Depending on where you’re located in the world we’ve got Rebels all over.

So, today we’re going to be taking an e-mail from Mike in Miami. His question is how big of a concern is the feed opening and or the horsepower of the engine? Well not as big of a concern as how can the machine make or save you money? Right Mike? I mean that’s really what’s important. But if you start looking at you know the different options that are out there certainly there’s other crushers on the market other than the Rebel. The feed opening can be very important because now you’re looking at how much material prep do I have to do before I throw it into the crusher? So, you don’t want something tiny-tiny and you don’t want or necessarily need something that’s seven feet wide. At the end of the day what you are looking at is a happy medium that you know it basically provides value for you, requires minimal amount of preparation and so the rebel crusher essentially is the largest crusher that you can buy that’s still 50 states legal. So, you’re getting a huge feed opening, you can move it into downtown Miami, no permit, it weighs less than 20 tons and the overall feed opening is 3 feet wide by almost 2 feet across. And so, it becomes a big deal when you’re taking chunks of material and you want to see well what can this machine handle? And your guys are sitting there prepping. Can you imagine running a machine that has only a 16-inch or a 24-inch feed opening and you’re having to prep everything this small in order to put it through? I mean your guys will spend 3 or 4 hours prepping and 15 minutes crushing.


So, you want to find that happy medium that allows you to do minimal prep and still takes a big chunk and you guys will just keep going. I mean that’s the idea is find that right machine. Obviously, we believe the Rebel is that right machine and with the horsepower of the engine it’s critical because if the engine is under horsepowered for example the machine is going to come to a dead stop every time it hits some rebar or concrete. So, we build a typical American product, big feet opening, over 200 horsepower, it doesn’t stop. And the idea is you don’t want it to stop, you don’t want your machine stopping, you don’t want your guys to get tired trying to feed it, okay? So, call in with your you know particular needs and so we can do an assessment but overall, I hope that answers your question. We greatly appreciate it and give us a call or shoot us an email, I’ll be happy to help you, okay? Thanks Mike.


Jaw Crusher Rental; Jaw Crusher for Sale. What is the right choice for you?

What is the best choice for you, renting or buying a jaw crusher? It’s not an easy decision to make. Let Bob give you some guidance on this important decision!


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Hey guys. This is Bob at Rebel Crusher. It is another beautiful Carolina day, sun shining. Today we’re gonna be taking some questions. We’re looking at your e-mails. You guys have some great questions and relating to the Rebel Crusher I’m going to be taking a question today from looks like Ed in Chicago.


Ed’s question is, can you explain why I would consider buying a machine instead of just renting a machine?


Well, that’s a great question and we hear that you know every day. Why should I buy a crusher, right? Or why should I buy any machine for that matter? And the simple answer is that rental is typically a short-term option, right? I mean you know if you think you’re never going to crush again or you’re never gonna use the machine again you know why buy one? And you know we’d be the first people to tell you that it doesn’t make sense to buy something if it’s just a onetime deal. And you know if you’re going to you know look at let’s say a small job in downtown Chicago and you know and you’re willing to spend because most crushers will rent for let’s say $25,000 a month if the job justifies that I’d say go ahead and rent it you know for that one job. If you’re never going to crush again, you’re never going to do any screening then you know I’d say rent, definitely. But if you’re in the concrete business let’s say you’re a demolition contractor you know I don’t have a lot information on you, I’m just looking at one question but once I know your background you know we’re going to look at different things like, are you ever going to deal with concrete again? You’re getting concrete with rebar, you tear a building down, bricks, asphalt; are you pulling up sidewalk, curb, gutter? I mean are these products that you’re handling all the time? If the answer is, yes, then we definitely need to look at ownership. I mean you’d save yourself thousands and thousands of dollars. I mean it’s kind of like the concept of you know leasing your car versus buying your car, most people you know if you look at it over time it’s much more expensive to give the car back every three years, same thing with your home, same concept. You don’t typically rent your home you know you buy it.


So, with the crusher it’s a mathematical formula. We would look at the amount of usage you think you’re going to do per year, per month and then we just look at the exorbitant costs of renting – crushers are some of the most expensive machines to rent. Typically, you’re making the dealer very wealthy and very happy by doing any kind of rental. You can imagine $25,000 a month that adds up very quickly. Most guys are getting into a crusher no matter what it is. I mean the Rebel is definitely the best value that’s out there significantly less than $10,000 a month. If the average rent is $25,000 thousand a month you can see the justification for ownership.


So, hope that answers your question and you know please keep them coming and do me a favor call in and we’ll have a salesperson you know walk you through your particular situation to make sure we’re answering that question properly. Thank you very much.


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