Check out this Video of the Rebel Crusher crushing HUGE CHUNKS of Concrete

Check out this video we made just to show what the Rebel is capable of doing. We always recommend that you properly size your material, but just this once, we decided not to.

The Rebel Crusher Meet California DOT SPEC!

We are thrilled with the results of one of our client’s recent sieve analysis reports for California DOT Spec..  Not only did they pass 100% of 1″ minus, they also hit the gradation in each range.  Why not see what the Rebel Crusher can do for you!?!

Rebel Crusher, DOT, California

California DOT Spec

See what the Rebel Crusher is doing around the world!

The Rebel Crusher is operating all over the world. Take a look at a few pics we pulled out for you of the Rebel in Motion!

Humanitarian Demining – The Rebel Crusher & Crush-All

Here at R.R., we are PROUD to have 2 of our machines being used as part of Humanitarian Demining efforts. Check out the links below to see how the Crush-All and Rebel Crusher are being used!

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