The MYTH that Only an Impactor should be used to Recycle Concrete and Asphalt

Jaw crusher
It’s a MYTH that only and Impact Crusher should be used to recycle concrete and asphalt. Years ago, this would be true. Old traditional Jaw crushers were not capable of producing a usable product in one pass. These antique jaws would take in large chunks and produce mostly 3-6″ minus. With the introduction of the REBEL CRUSHER JAW, and modern technology, we’re now capable of using a JAW to produce a beautiful product. REBEL CRUSHER JAWS are HITTING the California DOT spec processing concrete with rebar. This would be unheard of, years ago. When we combine the HUGE benefits of a JAW(low dust, perfect gradation, low emissions and less wear) while producing a near PERFECT product, it’s hard to beat the Jaw in most applications. Having said this, there is still a need for Impact Crushers. REBEL CRUSHER IMPACTS are chosen from time to time for specific applications that demand fines, powder or more unique specifications. For example, we’ve used impacts for gold processing, RAP asphalt production and pulverizing cinder blocks to produce material like “fish tank” gravel.
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